Exhibit 2

 For this exhibit, I decided to make a graphic for my two best friends that will be getting married in December. Their weddings colors are tan, dusty blue, and dusty rose, so I incorporated that by using the paintbrush tool by putting splatters of color around their names and using a tan background. For this design I kept it very simple and applied basic rules to suit the theme of their wedding and who they are as a couple. 


Contrast: I made their two names white against the lighter background so that their last name, Skinner, could really pop out since because that is the most important message. Because Tucker and Beth is in all caps, the cursive lowercase font for Skinner created a good contrast. 


Repetition: I repeated the coloring around their names so our eyes can be attracted and focused on the main subject. 


Alignment: I placed the words directly in the middle so there is only room above and below their name. Because it is a simple design, there isn’t many other places to look. 


Proximity:  I included their wedding date directly below the main focus in a smaller font so all the information you need is in one spot. 







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